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Workbasket Wednesday – Another secret project on a time line

20171128_113937With all the folderol, working up and after the Thanksgiving holiday, hasn’t left much time for my many projects.  This week I am hurrying to finish a gift for a dear friend that is retiring this week, with Thursday being her last day.  I don’t want to give too much away until after I have given it to her. 😀  Here is a sneak peek:


I have made a little progress (very little, but it does still count), on the Hawai’i an quilting project:


On Monday I had forgotten my phone and my book of passwords (amoung other things). So for my lunchtime I got my ‘under desk’ project out and worked as many rows as I could fit into that time frame.

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Then back under my desk that it went.  I had work to do, you know…  😀


Here grandson #1 is modeling his “snow hat” that Shawshaw (me) has made for him.  I also made one for grandson #2, but he isn’t really into wearing hats.  Oh well…  😀