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Wonderfully Wacky Weekend – getting the Christmas trees 2017


This year we headed to the mountains to harvest our Christmas trees much earlier than we did last year.  Son and Grandsons went with us.  We all packed into one vehicle.  Son and Grandsons smashed into the back seat of partners truck.  It was tight for son, but grandson #1 was DELIGHTED to have his ‘papa’ sit back with him.

A tight fit!

Sadly there was no snow.  Grandson #1 has been very excited to “go to the big mountains and play in the snow”.   In the spirit of snow, I wore my favorite holiday sweater.

my favorite holiday sweater

Grandson #1was excited about my sweater too, but he told me it was covered in dragonflies and spider webs.  (lol)

Happily we were above the rain and it was really pleasant.  The plan was to get one tree for our house and one tree for the in-law’s house.  Grandsons were going to wait for their momma to be available for tree choosing.  We stopped in Mill City, at the little market, and picked up our tags for our trees.  $5 for each one is a wonderful deal.  They were BRIGHT ORANGE and the grandsons were delighted at being able to hold them.

At our first stop we got out and walked up the deeply ‘stream’ rutted road.  We walked for a little bit and saw one possible tree and many ‘Charlie brown’ trees.  We decided to try the other turn off road near a clearing, just a little ways back down the hill, within walking distance (even if your walkers have short little legs).  It was a good thing that we did too!  There was a much better selection of trees.  We even saw a tree that already had Christmas ornaments on it!


The other thing that we saw was elk tracks, deer tracks and elk sign.


Son showed grandson #1 and elk footprint and then grandson shouted, “here’s one!” each time he spotted a new track.  He is going to be a hunter!  😉

When we decided that we would be choosing a tree from this area, grandpa (partner) ran back up the road to move the truck.


This was very concerning to grandson #2, who kept asking, “where grandpa go?”.  It wasn’t very long and grandpa was back with us, two trees had been picked out, cut down and in the truck.


On the way back home, at least one grandson used the opportunity to ‘re-charge’.