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Christmas 2017 recap – blow by blow


2017 Christmas tree

Our Christmas adventure started a little before actual Christmas.

Partner’s mother and father had put down their dog a couple of months ago.  They were planning on getting another dog to fill the loneliness, but were planning on waiting until they had moved into the downstairs apartment that we (partner) is building out for them.  Then, on the Thursday before Christmas we learn that they had tried to look at a puppy from craigslist and it had already been taken.  We then decided to go into action and make their Christmas complete with a new member to their family.

That very evening we drove down to Cottage Grove to look at a puppy.  She was very cute and not quite weaned.  Much too young for this mission.  We also had an appointment to meet with some ladies from “All Terrier Rescue” on Saturday, in Tigard.  That appointment was a success.

A little blurry, but you can see her and see Pixie photo bombing, as usual
We arrived right on time.  There were a couple of other families there to look at dogs too.  One couple was meeting a Husky dog (breed, not size).  We and another family was there to meet the puppies.  A group of 3 black puppies about 5 months old, 2 females and 1 male.  They wanted the male right away.  We wanted a female and had to choose between the two sisters.  One had both forepaws white with black freckles and the other had white toe tips on one foot.  Both were super cute and playful.  The second girl was a tiny bit more snuggly, she was the one that we chose.  We also brought our two small dogs to make sure that the puppy that we chose would get along with our dogs because she would eventually be living with us as well.  It all worked out wonderfully!


We took her home to spend the night at our house with plans to surprise mom and dad the next morning.  Wally dog wasn’t very impressed when the new girl slept in HIS SPOT!  He survived.

The next morning (Christmas eve day), as I was carrying her outside to the dog yard to go potty, I slipped on the very icy stairs and bumped by way to the bottom.  The little girl ended up with a hurt leg and wouldn’t put any weight on it.  Great, I broke the dog.  After picking myself up, at the bottom of the stairs, I hurried over to her and handed her to partner.  We, all 3, carefully went back up the stairs and into the warm house.  We have been going out to the front yard for all potty breaks since then and will continue to until it warms up some.  (29 degrees Fahrenheit when we woke this morning) We decided to keep her the whole day to watch her leg and make sure it wasn’t broken.  I ended up with bruises only.

Back to knitting my son’s sweater.  Ever hopeful, I knew in my heart I wouldn’t be able to finish, but I wanted to get as far as possible.  The funny thing about hurrying when you’re knitting… sometimes you drop stitches.  So far I have only had to frog rows twice, not even close to my record/limit. While knitting, I watched Dr. Who marathon leading up to Christmas-night Christmas-special.  Partner did last minute wrapping, made mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce for dinner at his folk’s house and kept looking for a misplaced gift he had purchase for my son.

The misplaced gift was one of two.  Partner had bought one for himself too.  It was pretty cool.  It was a cardboard box with buttons and a joystick and wires and stuff.  Partner had started working on his.  He had cut out the holes and installed the buttons and the joystick.  I think he had done something with the raspberry pie thingy too.  I’m not clear on all of the details, but I do know that when one is all done, you can play old school video games with it.  A cool craft project AND a fun toy.  Win-win!  Anyways… as I said, the gift was misplaced.  Partner looked high and low.  I even helped him look.  We checked places and then checked them again.  No luck.  A little later when we were sitting on the sofa, I asked to see the one that he had already worked on.  By “see”, I meant finger it up.  I was checking it out…  then I tapped on this one particular piece around the joystick, it was metal.  hmmmmmmm. Ummmmmmmm…  When I had cleaned out the ashes from the fireplace yesterday morning, there had been a couple of weird metal thingies in the ashes.  I thought they were shaped weird, but wasn’t surprised to see metal.  With all the deconstruction and construction, we have been burning wood from projects.  It isn’t unusual to find nails and whatnot when I clean up the ashes.  But, now that I am looking at this box I get a funny feeling.  Armed with a large serving fork, I go to the kitchen trash and start sifting through the ashes.  I begin finding several interesting things:  3 metal springs, and exact-o knife, and finally the smoking (no pun intended) gun of the weird shaped piece.  Damn.  “Honey, I think I burned up your gift”.  Over a week ago.  It must have been in a stack of cardboard boxes and I just added it to the flames.  Sheesh.  I am not doing good this holiday.  First the dog and now the cool gift, things have got to get better.

Partner’s tradition is to go to his folks’ house for Christmas dinner and gifts.  Dinner was to be served at 5:30pm.  We were headed in their direction by 4pm and we arrived a little before 4:30pm.  They were excited to meet the new puppy.  They thought she was cute.  They were really excited after we got them to understand that she was for them!  They named her Abbey.  Abbey pretty much, put a halt to the dinner preparations.  Much snuggling and cooing ensued.  We did good!  That is going to be a very spoiled puppy!

As other guests started to arrive, dinner got back on track.  Everything smelled wonderful.  Brother Scotty was going to be a little late due to his work schedule, but he would be there.  Dinner started right on time.  There was ham, fruit salad, rolls, pickles, stuffing, gravy… and no mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce.  I had forgotten to grab that bag.  In my defense, I had grabbed the other 3 LARGE bags, I had forgotten to grab the one from the kitchen counter.  I had left it on the kitchen counted and not with the other bags, to keep our dogs well away from the food.  So.  Let’s recap.  So far, I have hurt the dog, burnt the cool gift and forgot the food for dinner.  Makes you want to invite me over for the holidays, doesn’t it?  Everyone gave me a hard time, but they also forgave me and dinner was wonderful.  Partner’s mom even made some peanut butter fudge so I could have some (I am allergic to chocolate).  While we were opening gifts and visiting, I noticed that my ring finger on my left hand had swollen up alarmingly.  I tried running cold water over my hand and using soap, but I could not get the ring off.  I spent the rest of the stay there with an ice pack on it, in an attempt to try to get the swelling to go down. Scott made it a little after we were finished eating.  He had a quick dinner and got down to visiting.  We had invited him to stay the night with us.  Due to the weather, I was extra glad that we had.

It was nice having him stay.  We don’t see much of him now that he lives in Hillsboro.  We stayed up as late as we could keep our eyes open, watching the Dr. Who marathon.  Finally giving up and heading to bed.  The next morning came early.    😀

Scotty and Wally at Christmas

All of our mornings start with the little dogs wanting to go out potty.  This, they can do by themselves, but they always want an escort to the doggie door.  They will wait for me to arrive before hopping outside through it.  This complete, I made the coffee.  Partner made the breakfast, ham and cheese omelets with a side of pan fried potatoes, Brussels and onions.   It was amazing.  I toasted some homemade sourdough bread to go with it.  Partner tried to call his folks to see how the puppy did over night, they didn’t pick up the phone.  Within a few minutes there was a knock at the door, it was them.  They had been concerned that she was low energy.  As soon as they put her down, she started greeting all the dogs and wagging her tail.  I think she was a little worn out from her two adventurous days before and all her new experiences.  She was doing great by the time they left, four hours later.  The day was really laid back, just like I planned.  The first day of Christmas is always my gift to myself.  Nothing exciting or stressful.  the plan was that Son, DIL and grandsons would arrive around 4pm for dinner and gifts.  The only rule was that anything that they planned was NOT ALLOWED to stress anyone out.  They arrived on time and brought their newest puppy, Lewie a Chinese Crested.

Lewie – vibrating

He is small and vibrates with excitement not fear.  Best that I can tell, he is rather fearless.  Dinner was pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes (yes, the ones that I forgot), bacon wrapped asparagus, red wine gravy, and cranberry sauce (yah, yah).  It was low-key and good.

Christmas would not be complete without our resident naughty Christmas elves:

Gift un-wrapping was chaotic… and good.  There is something truly magical about the excitement of children unwrapping gifts!   I still have gifts to take places and gifts to mail out.  This will all be complete before the 12th day of Christmas.

Son and DIL gave me an awesome digital photo frame full of pictures!  Sweetie gave me new hubcaps!  I am so excited to have my car looking nice again!  She has been a bit of a ghetto girl for awhile now, and I am not really sure where the other two hubcaps went.

I think I will blog the rest of Christmas in another post, this one is getting kind of long…  ;D