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Christmas Sweaters 2017

A little history…About 5 years ago, my boss and Friend, Barb taught me to knit.  I wanted to learn to knit, so as to be able to make my sweetie a sweater for Christmas.  I made 2 dishcloths and a scarf and decided I was ready to go for it!  I asked Partner to choose a pattern from several that I had printed from Ravelry.  All of them were beginner patterns except for one, that was the one that he chose.  Then I took him to a shop with many yarns and asked him to choose.  Fast forward a little bit, the Christmas gift sweater was finally finished in February.  It was a beautiful Fisherman’s sweater, when I finally finished it.  (There is a story and the knitting ladies still make fun of me to this day)  He wore it once before starting running marathons and lost a bunch of weight.

Now up to today.  Partner said he didn’t want a sweater for Christmas this year.  But, my Son has been asking for one each year and my Grandson’s ALWAYS need new, bigger clothes.  So, sweaters for them!  😀

DIL and Son are big fans of Harry Potter, so I got the book “Charmed Knits – Projects for fans of Harry Potter”.  I figured I could knit all 3 sweaters from this book and personalize each of them to the wearer.  The “Weasley sweater” looked like it would work up fairly quickly.  This means that I would have a chance to finish them all in time for Christmas morning.  When they were all over for Thanksgiving dinner, I got out my measuring tape. As I measured my son, oldest grandson was dancing around asking me to, “measure my too, grandma!”  He is just in the age that he gets excited that I make things for him.  I love-love it!

sweater with one sleeve
With measurements and pattern in hand I was able to purchase the yarn.  I wanted it to be nice yarn but also very washable, because kids.  I chose a beautiful blue ‘Wool-ease’ yarn by Lion brand yarns, for the little ones.  The blue has red and purple in it.  Kind of a heather type effect, I really like it.  I started with the smallest sweater, that way I would have the pleasure of finishing it pretty quickly.  Then I started the second little sweater.  So, I made them both at the same time, in stages.  I made the back of the first sweater and then the back of the second sweater.  Then the front of each, then the sleeves, then the neck.  On the front of the sweaters I put their first name initial using the duplicate stitch technique.  I could have used the Intarsia method, but it is a skill that I am not as familiar with and I was on a timeline.  I did the letters in an off white.  They turned out really great!  I am really pleased and super excited to give them to the boys.



For my son, I chose the same type of yarn but in red.  He has been requesting sweaters with super hero symbols knit on them.  His choice for his first sweater was The Flash.  Sadly I was unable to knit fast enough to finish it for Christmas.  I warned him though and he wasn’t disappointed.  My plan is to get it finished before the 12th day of Christmas!

sweater is the red square in the upper right side of this photo
Wish me luck!  😀