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On this 3rd day of Christmas – Wednesday

What I did on my 3rd day of Christmas:

I tried on my new (to me) brown antique hat with brown ostrich feathers.  It matched my outfit, my plan was to wear it to work.  It looked fantastic, but I lost my nerve.  I set it back down.

I went to work.

On my first break, I worked on finishing one of the sweaters that I made for grandson #2.  It wasn’t until he went to put it on for photos, that I realized that I hadn’t finished closing one of the sleeves.  One day 1 and 2, I looked around for the remainder of the yarn that I had used to make the sweaters.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  So, I used some of the cotton yarn in a dark blue color that I had used in the making of the sleeves for his momma’s sweater to close up the sleeve.  I think that I did a good job and one can barely see the different colored thread.

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On my lunch break, I added more rows to the back of Son’s Christmas sweater.  It is looking VERY LONG.  I will check with him, take more measurements and make some decisions.  I knit up to what the pattern calls for, it is faster to ‘frog’ the knitting than to actually knit the rows. Finished up the 28″ required with 45 minutes left on lunch break.


I was able to add 7 more rows to the baby blanket project that I keep under my desk.  Can you tell?


Yah… me neither.

HAPPY DANCE!  HAPPY DANCE!  THE 2018 CHALLENGES HAVE BEEN POSTED!!!!  I spent my second break of the day planning my sewing challenges for this next year!  whoop-whoop!

I also wrote out my thank you notes and finished about 1/2 of my Christmas cards.  Managed to get them all posted as well!

Ok… I don’t know if I mentioned our newest knitter that ‘joined’ the group last week. Last week there was a young gentleman sitting at the table that we usually sit at.  He quickly started packing up his lap top as we started sitting down.  We were quick to assure him that he was more than welcome to stay (we have been accused of asking people to leave – this is a LIE!).  He kept packing up stating that he was finished with his homework.  Then he went on to say that he wanted to learn to knit and had asked his wife for knitting supplies for his upcoming holiday gift.  We encouraged him to come the following week and we would help him in any way he needed to begin his knitting journey.  Including providing him with knitting needles and yarn, if necessary.  Flash forward to today:

HE WAS BACK!  And… he had his own needles, yarn and about 5 inches of a scarf already started!  He was already working with Daisy on questions that he had about fixing errors, increases, decreases and the like.  He was only visiting from the East coast and may not be able to come more than this one night.  A big concern that he had was the finishing part, the casting off of his stitches when he was done.  I had a project that could provide that practice.  He was worried about messing it up.  After being assured that he couldn’t, he went for it.  He did a marvelous job, even fixing an error that he made all by himself.  We hope to see him this next Wednesday too, but may not due to his travel schedule.  We gave him contact information for us and extracted a promise of a photo of his first finished project!

Discussion was lively.  Wilma and I left 30 minutes later than we normally do (time passed so quickly!)  By the time that I got home, I just wanted to sit and veg out (my plan was for more painting in my sewing room).

What filled up your 3rd day of Christmas?