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On this 4th Day of Christmas – Thursday

(I forgot to mention that found the missing yarn yester-evening, after finishing the sweater, when I returned home from work)

This morning started, as most Thursday mornings do, at Sybil’s having breakfast with friends, family, and coffee group.  While there I saw another customer in a super hero t-shirt.  It was actually a t-shirt with 4 super hero logos, all together in a circle.  Only 1/4th of each logo showed.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Something that I could show to my son (who wants sweaters with super hero logos on them – yes, he’s a grown up).  I went to grab my phone to ask if I could get a photo of it.  No phone.  Dang, I had left it at home! Turned to Partner and asked if I could borrow his phone.  He gives himself a thorough patting down… no phone either.  Double Dang!  I opened my handbag, took out one of my calling cards and approached the two gentlemen at the other table.  I explained my issue (only this one, no one has time for ALL of them) and asked if the one gentleman would take a picture of the other gentleman’s shirt and text it to me.  I explained about my son and the knitting of sweaters AND the guy in the shirt (Peter) says, “I am a BIG knitter”.  Then he shows me the tattoo on his forearm that looks like stockinette stitch being knitted up his arm!  I smiled really big, told him about our Wednesday night knitting group, invited him to come, turned over my calling card and wrote the information on the back.  I should have told the other gentleman (Luke) that he was welcome to come too!  Anyways, he said he would come!  Yes!

Then… I went to work.

Once I got to work I installed my brand new digital photo frame, loaded with pictures of my Son and his family (mostly grand babies though).  I love-love being able to look at them any time that I want to!

I also spent my gift card to Knit Picks, buying yarn!  Some was to finish the body of the Christmas sweater for my DIL.  I had to wait until she received the sleeves for Christmas and could choose the yarn color for the body of the sweater.  The pattern called for blush pink, but I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t like that.  I was right.  She choose an AWESOME color called serenade.  I am looking forward to getting it finished for her!

I believe that I finished my Christmas cards for this year.

I wrote more thank-you notes.

I finished crocheting the second sleeve of DIL’s Christmas sweater.  Now, I just have to wait until the other yarn comes in for the body of the sweater.  While I am waiting, I should probably weave in all the ends (boo).

After work, I swung by Son’s house.  I dropped of grandson #2’s sweater.  I also double checked measurements of Son, his sweater looked REALLY LONG.  Nope, just right.  Got his arm measurements while I was there. Right before I left, DIL came home and I got her measurement for the body of her sweater!  I should be good to go.  I should be able to finish Son’s sweater before the 12th day of Christmas.  As for DIL’s… I really am at the mercy of when the yarn arrives.

When I got home, I checked on the progress that Partner was making in the basement.  We are starting to have walls where no walls have been!

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We decided to wait until later for dinner.  I left him to do his thing and I headed for my sewing room.

One pan of paint was my goal.  Because of the way that everything is pushed into the middle of the room it kind of blocks good light from getting to the wall that will be behind the loft bed.  To check my paint job from Tuesday night, I took the shade of a living room light and brought it into the sewing room.  Huh.  There were A LOT of low areas in the texture (not extreme texture either) that hadn’t gotten any paint.  So, I started with the brush and fixed all those areas first before getting the little roller back out.  By the time that I got to the end of my pan (a little one for the little roller) of paint, I was pretty happy with my progress.


I cleaned up my brush and pan and wrapped the roller for use tomorrow night.

Into the kitchen to make dinner, or supper if you prefer.  Chicken, rice and broccoli.  Something simple.  Only I don’t make rice very often and I forget what the ratio is and whether or not to put the rice in before boiling or after the water starts boiling.  I asked Partner and being that he was tired and frustrated with how the basement project is going, we decided that I should check with Google.  I am glad I did!  It said to boil the water first.  The ratio is 2 water to 1 rice.  It also said to add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of butter to the boiling water when you add the rice. (then turn down the heat to lowest setting and cover for 18 minutes minimum for white rice, in case you wanted to know)  I have NEVER done this.  The rice was really yummy!  I’m glad that I looked.  Now I know!

What have you been up to during these 12 days of Christmas?