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On my 5th Day of Christmas – Friday

I forgot to mention something that happened yesterday that is soooo worth mentioning…As you read, I was busy doing things.  At one point I was entering the sewing room and Pixie ran past me.  Everything about her radiated happiness, I knew something was not quite right. Looking closely at her I saw that she had melted chocolate all around her doggie lips and was carrying a chocolate covered cherry in her mouth.

(Yes, we are aware that chocolate is bad for dogs.  No, we don’t give our dogs chocolate.  In fact, we rarely have chocolate in the house.  I have become allergic to it late in life and prefer not to be tempted to eat it.)

Being unclear to where this chocolate had come from, I took it away from her and threw it out.  A little while later, I caught her with another one.  This mystery deserved a little attention.  What had happened was this: the Saturday before Thanksgiving I had made homemade chocolates at a friend’s house.  They had been put into plastic storage containers and into one of those cute reusable shopping bags (partner calls them “yarn bag” because he says I buy them, bring them home, and fill them with yarn – lies).  The bag was put on the breakfast nook table.  At some point the bag was moved to the seat of the breakfast nook.  Yesterday, sometime during the daytime, our big Molly dog got into the bag and opened the container.  Then it was a free for all.  Partner had taken the day off and was only gone during lunchtime when he met with his friend Ted.  It must have been then.  And he mustn’t have been gone long enough for the dogs to finish their Christmas treat to themselves before he returned.  I cleaned up the whole mess explaining to the dogs, again, that chocolate was bad for them.  They sat there and wagged their tails.  All, except Walther because he doesn’t have a tail.

Onto the 5th day of Christmas!  😀

I woke up with a headache behind both eyes.  Boo.  Lounged about a lot longer than I should have and finally drug myself out of bed (much to Pixie’s sadness).  Not enough of a headache to spend sick leave at work.  It did get to feeling better a little later.  Besides… IT IS FRIDAY!

And it was the last working day of the year.  There was the pulling of files, pulling of tally sheets and entering the payroll as fast as I could before knock-off.  On the first work day of next week/year will automatically enter 2018.  I will need to make sure to enter 2017.

When I got home with all my big plans… I decided I needed a day to sit about doing handwork and not housework.  I did, eventually, get up and make dinner but that was about it.

How was your 5th day of Christmas?  I would LOVE to read all about it!  😀