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8th Day of Christmas – Monday

As I stretched and looked out the bedroom window, I gloried in the bright blue skies.  It might be uncomfortably cold outside, but it was beautiful to look at from inside.

Partner smiled at me and gently pointed out that some ladies go grey but my hair seems to be turning “mushroom risotto”.  We both laughed.  This is the color name of the paint that I have been applying to the office walls.


Breakfast was the lightest, fluffiest omelets made by Partner.  We also had coffee because he had finally procured some ground coffee from the local grocery. Fully fueled, he headed to the basement to get to work and I headed to the office to resume my painting.

This is where we remained most of our day.  At some point he asked me to come down and look at something.  While down there, We found the can of “mortal and pestle” green paint and the white semi-gloss trim paint.  The green was the paint that I had wanted to just touch up the walls in the bedroom.  Because we couldn’t find it and I couldn’t remember the name of the color, we repainted the walls in an all new color, “blue cashmere”.  (ARGH)  With the trim color, I could do the touchups around the windows and the baseboards in the sewing room and the office.  This extended my painting project, for now, but will save me from having to go back to this project later.

The light that was taken out of the office was really dusty!


I washed it up and it turned out shiny!  I would like it put up in my sewing room.  Partner said that could be done!


Around 4:30pm, I got a call from Son with an invitation to go to the movie “CoCo” with his family.  I love going to see movies with little kids.  I spend 1/2 the movie watching the movie and 1/2 the movie watching the kids.  I spent the rest of my afternoon taking ornaments off the tree and packing them away.  I usually wait until 12th night to take down my tree, but the tree has been in the corner of the living room that we want to be the grandsons’ corner.  I wanted my living room to be back in some sort of order, so down came the tree.  I also built a fire.  But, I was VERY CAREFUL to look at everything before I consigned it to the flames.  I don’t want to burn up anything that I am not supposed to!

The movie was super cute with only a little sad.  The boys were wonderful.  Grandson #1 made sure to offer me some of his popcorn and signal me to be quiet (shhhhhhh, with the finger and everything!). #2 was much better at movie watching this time.  He still got wiggly, but it was more than half way through the movie and it was around bedtime.  I loved watching #1’s face as he watched the movie.  My favorite part is where CoCo sings.  With the smile on #1’s face, it looked as if he was radiating light!  It was a sweet movie with the theme of family.  It will be interesting to see what the grandsons will have to say about the movie as time goes on.

We returned home to see the end of one of our repeat favorites, “A Knight’s Tale”.  It ended right at bedtime.  (yawn) Even the puppies were tired.  Pixie had secreted herself in a fluffy “wolf cave”.


The flash woke her up.  lol.


What has made your face radiate light and joy this holiday season?