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11th Day of Christmas – Thursday

Sure… it is cold, although warmer than yesterday because it was starting to rain as I walked into work.  I feel a little bad even mentioning it because of the storm that is hitting the East coast.  My heart and warmest thoughts and feeling go out to all of our brethren on our opposite shores.

Today started with breakfast at Sybil’s.  Only Ma, Pa and Partner this morning.  Kathy and Don must still be fighting pneumonia.  A checking up on them is warranted.

The reality of time constraints is starting to catch up to me.  Tomorrow is 12th night and I have just barely started one of the sleeves last night at knitting group.  I can’t imagine that the sweater will be completely finished by the end of tomorrow night.  Especially since I still need to finish working on Cousin Amy’s gift.

Can’t wait to show you!