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Wonderfully Wacky Weekend – 2018 – #1

Welcome to the NEW YEAR!  I hope your holiday celebrations were wonderful!

Friday night, when I got home, I tucked right back in to Cousin Amy’s gift project.  I wanted to finish as many as I could before she came over for pizza on Sunday night. Knock off for me is usually 10pm.  After that my stitches get messy.

On Saturday Pixie, Walther and I headed to Grandma’s Attic and Quilting Emporium in Dallas for our first Quilt Club of this new year.  This session (it starts every September) is called “Let’s Make Cake”.  It is about the history of cake.  This month, Angel food cake was highlighted. Not only do we get our quilt blocks, but we also get recipe cards, history lessons and sisterhood!  All for $10 a month.  I also picked up my flower of the month embroidery kit and started the monthly challenge blocks.  I plan to be a busy lady this year.

We were treated to a surprise visit from Brother Scotty down from Hillsboro.  It was nice to have him come and visit.  Last time I sent him home with some sad looking loaves of bread.  This time I sent him home with a lovely looking (and tasting, I hope) loaf of bread.  I really do think that I have this figured out.  While he was there, I set another loaf of bread and mixed up a ‘King’s cake’.  He left before either was out of the oven.  My new loaf of bread turned out wonderful (again!), I will get back to the King’s cake in a minute.  I also put all the ingredients into the crockpot for my first try at Ox tail soup.

After Scott headed back home, Partner and I headed over to his folks’ house.  He needed to work on their computer.  We took Pixie and Walther to visit with Abbey.  She was very excited to see other dogs.  They still need to figure out how to play with each other.  There was a little bit of awkwardness.  When we got home, it was right back to the stitching.

The Ox tail soup didn’t turn out very soup-y.  Partner didn’t like that he had to pick the meat off the ox tail bones.  We will call this a miss on my culinary skills grade card.

On Sunday morning, Partner and I drove up to French Press for breakfast.  He had a bespoke omelet and I had quiche Lorraine, we both had a large latte.


After breakfast, Partner headed back down to work in the basement and I took Big Molly to the puppy doctor for blood work.  All is well with Big Molly, back home for more stitching.

The King’s Cake…

I had wanted to do something special for 3 King’s Day.  I thought, “why not a King’s Cake?”.  I have never had a King’s cake, but there are plenty of recipes online. I mixed it up and set it to raise. A couple of hours later, after we had returned from folks’ house, It looked as it should and I popped it into the oven.  I had set the temperature to what was called for and put it in for the required time.  When the timer went off, I pulled it out.  I cut Partner and myself each a piece and noticed that it was VERY RAW in the center.  Ewww.  Popped the whole thing back in the oven and put our pieced in the microwave oven. After one minute in the microwave, our pieces were yummy.  Especially with melted butter on it!  2 more sets of 10 minutes in the oven and the rest of the cake felt done.  Left it to cool over night.  Next day, bagged it up to soften up a little. Before people arrived for pizza night, I thinned down some commercial sour cream frosting with a little milk.  I glazed the King’s cake and added some sprinkles.  Traditionally they are Marti-gra  colors, I used what I had in the cupboard.  It was ok.  The cake is more like a bread and kinda like a cinnamon roll.  Mine turned out really dry.  Perhaps, I should have not been in a hurry to try it the first night when I pulled it out of the oven the first time.  Perhaps it is meant to sit on the counter and finish cooking as it cools.  I think I was expecting something a little lighter.  I might try it again next year, or there is always Fat Tuesday before Lent this year.  We will see.

Drum roll please…

Finally the big reveal for Cousin Amy’s Christmas gift!  4 of the 7 planned dish towels with a Dr. Who theme.

Adipose baby

(She will have to wait until next year for the other ones)