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Mending Monday – Modern

key pocket on Partner’s favorite running shorts.  The big hole is already mended.  Since small holes strive to become larger holes they will be mended too, even though they aren’t the current problem.

Something needed to happen.  My fun projects were getting done, however slowly.  But, my mending pile was getting bigger.

In the Historical Sew Monthly the January challenge is “Mend, Re-shape, Re-fashion”.  Taking a cue from this and thinking back to an earlier time of our mothers and grandmothers of having a certain day of the week for certain household chores, I have decided to make Mondays as my mending day.  Why?  Because I am usually home on Monday nights.  Also, I like the way that “Mending Monday” sounds.

Just mending modern clothes will not fulfill the January challenge, but Mending Mondays will be an ongoing thing for me whether modern or historical mending is happening at my house.  😀

Ok.  Mending on Monday was the PLAN… this week, it was not what actually happened.  I actually fixed the holes in Partner’s key pocket on Sunday, so that he’d have the shorts for Monday Run Day.

Then I spent all day Monday doing labor intensive chores that made my body really sore, followed by going with Partner to Monday Run Day for the 2 mile walk.  We didn’t stay for dinner, We (including Pixie and Walther) were SOAKED and COLD, so we headed home for some nice hot African Chicken Peanut soup that Partner had made the night before.  Partner also built a fire.  After warming up, I worked on Friend Barb’s upcoming birthday gift.  No actual mending went on during Monday evening, but I am going to count the key pocket for this week.

Key pocket all mended.  Not lovely, but mended.