Workbasket Wednesday #5 – Christmas sweaters


Son and DIL’s Christmas sweaters are finally done!  I am pretty happy with how they turned out too! (previous progress)

I finished DIL’s sweater first.

I had attached the sleeves before finishing the edge in the orange yarn because I was waiting until payday to purchase the buttons.  Over lunch break, friend Gaby and I went to the store to pick out buttons (and yarn, and…).  It came down between two different button styles.  I checked the prices of each and chose the ones that were a dollar cheaper per card.


When I got back to my desk… they were the EXACT buttons that were pictured in the book with the pattern!  How cool is that?!?  I was pretty pleased with myself.  I needed sew the buttons on before crocheting around the edge so that I would know where to make the loops for the buttons.  It was instantly apparent to me why the pattern has you attach the sleeves AFTER this step.  They are heavy AND floppy.  It wasn’t hideous, it just would have been easier to do it in the correct order.

Because of the yarn that I used to make it, it feels really heavy when you are holding it up.  When you are wearing it, it doesn’t feel heavy at all.  This would have been a good time to use the cheaper (and lighter) acrylic yarns for the sleeves instead of the good cotton yarn that I used.  But it turned out really nice.  DIL likes it!


I also finished Son’s Christmas sweater.  I used the same pattern for his sweater as I had used for Gson #1 & #2’s sweaters.  Son wanted “The Flash” symbol on the front instead of a letter for his name, like the Gsons.  I had done the letters in duplicate stitch and wanted to do the symbol in duplicate stitch also.  I went to the interwebs and found a picture of the symbol that I wanted to use.  I double checked with Son to make sure that he liked it and to check the placement on the sweater.  The checking of the placement involved trying the sweater on.  At this point we realized that the neck hole was HUGE and weird looking.  I would need to pick the collar out and do it over.

Once the design was approved of, I needed to figure out a way to transfer it to the sweater.  What I came up with was to use white sewing thread and ‘sew’ the design onto the sweater. After which, I removed the paper


Then I started filling in the design with the duplicate stitch.  I started with yellow;


Enter a caption

Then moved on to the white and finally back stitching the edges in black


Enter a caption

The neck edge had been a rolled collar.  I picked out the sewn bind-off and frogged the collar.  After talking with my son, he decided that he preferred the ribbed collar so I did that instead


Enter a caption


Enter a caption

Just like the first Christmas sweater that I ever made,  these were completed in February!  I am nothing if not consistent!

I finished the also finished the quilting on the Hawaiian pillow top:


Enter a caption

Now I need to get some fabric for the backing. (PP)

I am hoping to finish the main body of the baby blanket tonight at knitting group:


Enter a caption

Then I will put a border on it and send it on it’s way! (PP) whoop-whoop!

Now…what should I start on next?