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Workbasket Wednesday #2

Son’s 2017 Christmas sweater ~

Long before my break on Tuesday was over, I had run out of yarn. So close to the end of the sleeve!  I put away the sweater and looked around for something else to do.  YES!  The Hawaiian quilting project!  looking…looking…looking…darn!  No white quilting thread (or any other kind of thread, for that matter).  Made some notes on my “Things to do” list and pouted.

I took the sweater home with me on Friday and worked on it during the long, holiday weekend.  I finished the sweater with MUCH HELP from Pixie and Walther.  They are SURE that the sweater is for them.

OK, when I said that I finished the sweater I meant that the body of the sweater was complete, all the ends were woven in and the seam were all seamed.


To have the sweater completely finished, it needed to have THE FLASH insignia put on it.  I was planning on using the duplicate stitch method, so had needed to have the sweater finished before I worked the  insignia.  I got out my grid paper and started to draft out my design.  It was not going to be as easy as I had imagined.  It NEVER is.  😀  I gave it up for that night.

Due to the AMAZING weather all weekend, I was distracted by other projects around the house.  There was painting in several rooms (I am done-done with my sewing room!  YES!!)  There was laundry and general house cleaning.  There was bread making.

I had so much starter that I made 3 loaves.  I gave one to my neighbors.

The cleaning of my car (isn’t it dumbfounding how filthy a car can get with just daily use.  It was GROSS).  The power washing of: the 13 black rubber stair treads, the deck stairs themselves, the long carpet runner from the kitchen, the patio in the dog’s yard, all the backyard sidewalks, the backyard laundry patio and the backyard concrete stairs.  I am glad that I got all the work done (there is still plenty of TO-DO items on my list though), but it didn’t get me any further on my sweater.

I went to the interwebs and printed off the insignia.


Crocheted (crotch-a-ted) grey poodle~

I found myself bumping up against the clock, as usual.  I looked around my sewing room for some project to take to knitting group.  My eyes lighted upon my collection of Weldon’s books.  I grabbed a book, opened it up and quickly flipped through it.  I came across the pattern for a crocheted poodle.  I have had a fancy to make the animals in these books so I also grabbed some grey yarn and crocheted hooks and hurried out the door.

Crochet is still a new-ish skill for me and the patterns are old and not written to today’s format, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make it at all.  I started reading the pattern… sure enough, not written to today’s format. “make a chain of single crochet to the size of the dog”.  What?  Um…OK.  So I started out with my best guess.  Then there was the looped stitches.  The book was great at explaining them and they looked like they did in the picture.  I’m sure that the ladies watching me learn a new stitch had a painful time.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did eventually figure out a way to streamline the process of the looped stitch to make it less fiddly for me to make.  About that time the knitting group was over and I decided to pull it out and start over, using my Pixie as a model for the sizing.

DeAnna’s birthday hankie ~


Early last year I planned to make hankies for each of my knitting ladies for Christmas.  I ordered the good quality handkerchief linen, looked up how to hem stitch the edges on u-tube, looked up embroidery patterns on antique pattern library, photo copied them on to Transfer-Eze,  and hem stitched all the hankies.  Then, they were set aside for other projects.  I had plenty of time. Right up until I didn’t.  I ended up making something else for Christmas gifts for the ladies.  Now, it is time for DeAnna’s birthday.  The time to finish a hankie is upon me.  I figured I could finish it in the 3 days that I had before her birthday celebration on the second Wednesday of January.  Booooooy, how I had mistaken how long the detailed monogram would take.  I missed the deadline.  She had mentioned that she wanted some sourdough starter, so I brought her some of that on the day of the celebration, but she had to wait until 3rd Wednesday for her hankie.  I hope it was worth the wait.

DIL’s Christmas Sweater ~  If you remember back, for Christmas I made and gave her only the sleeves of her sweater.  They were very colorful and crocheted.

DIL’s Christmas sweater sleeves

The sweater is knit, but the color called for in the pattern was light pink.  DIL isn’t really a light pink sorta girl.  So, after she opened her gift at Christmas, I had her pick out the color of the yarn that she wanted the body of the sweater to be, from the Knit Picks website.  She choose a lovely purple color called Serenade.  I ordered it up and waited for it to arrive.  If finally arrived on this last past Saturday!


I took the yarn with me to work.  That way I can knit on this sweater on my breaks and lunch.  I also took it with me to knitting group.  The color of the yarn is really beautiful and the ‘hand’ of the yarn is sensuous.


Friend Barb’s birthday gift ~  I have been working on this steady, each evening.  But, you know the rules… no pictures or details until the recipient has received the gift!  😀

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Mending Monday – Modern

key pocket on Partner’s favorite running shorts.  The big hole is already mended.  Since small holes strive to become larger holes they will be mended too, even though they aren’t the current problem.

Something needed to happen.  My fun projects were getting done, however slowly.  But, my mending pile was getting bigger.

In the Historical Sew Monthly the January challenge is “Mend, Re-shape, Re-fashion”.  Taking a cue from this and thinking back to an earlier time of our mothers and grandmothers of having a certain day of the week for certain household chores, I have decided to make Mondays as my mending day.  Why?  Because I am usually home on Monday nights.  Also, I like the way that “Mending Monday” sounds.

Just mending modern clothes will not fulfill the January challenge, but Mending Mondays will be an ongoing thing for me whether modern or historical mending is happening at my house.  😀

Ok.  Mending on Monday was the PLAN… this week, it was not what actually happened.  I actually fixed the holes in Partner’s key pocket on Sunday, so that he’d have the shorts for Monday Run Day.

Then I spent all day Monday doing labor intensive chores that made my body really sore, followed by going with Partner to Monday Run Day for the 2 mile walk.  We didn’t stay for dinner, We (including Pixie and Walther) were SOAKED and COLD, so we headed home for some nice hot African Chicken Peanut soup that Partner had made the night before.  Partner also built a fire.  After warming up, I worked on Friend Barb’s upcoming birthday gift.  No actual mending went on during Monday evening, but I am going to count the key pocket for this week.

Key pocket all mended.  Not lovely, but mended.
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2018 Sew Monthly Challenges

HSM-2018-w250I am giddy with excitement!  This is the year that I am going to post my challenge makes with The Historical Sew Monthly.  Up until now, I have been completing my challenges on the DL.  This year I bust out of the closet!  Here are the challenges for this year and my ideas for my makings:

January : Mend, Re-Shape, Re-fashion

~ Plaid skirt mending

~ combination changed to pantilettes and a corset cover

~ mend petticoat

February : Under

~ all new 1912’s underthings

~ if time, all new 1930’s underthings

March : Comfort @ home

~ undecided

April : Buttons & Fastenings

~ New skirt with decorative fastenings or new 1912’s walking suit

May : Specific time of Day or Year

~ Night gown?

June : Rebellion & Counter Culture

~ complete bicycling outfit

July : Sleeves

~ undecided

August : Extant Originals

~ undecided

September : Hands & Feet

~ gloves

~ house slippers

~ gaiters

October : Fabric Manipulation


maybe this dress from dreamstress blog (although, there are crazy sleeves for that challenge or the extant original challenge…)

the dreamstress blog

November : Purses or bags


~ make a new purse based on an extant Victorian bag that I inherited from my grandma

December : Neglected Challenge

~ Wild Challenge 2017 : muff and collar or a new winter coat with faux fur trim


Ok, ok, I know.  This is a VERY ambitious list.  But, I have to start somewhere.  I have put it down in black and white and put it out to you, my friends.  Keep me honest, I beg of you.

Also, If you want to know more specifics about these challenges (and I know you have inquiring minds!) please click on the link on the right of my blog page.  Please feel free to join the challenges too, if you want to.  I would love to see what you make throughout the year.

Or just keep me honest on my challenges…