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2018 Sew Monthly Challenges

HSM-2018-w250I am giddy with excitement!  This is the year that I am going to post my challenge makes with The Historical Sew Monthly.  Up until now, I have been completing my challenges on the DL.  This year I bust out of the closet!  Here are the challenges for this year and my ideas for my makings:

January : Mend, Re-Shape, Re-fashion

~ Plaid skirt mending

~ combination changed to pantilettes and a corset cover

~ mend petticoat

February : Under

~ all new 1912’s underthings

~ if time, all new 1930’s underthings

March : Comfort @ home

~ undecided

April : Buttons & Fastenings

~ New skirt with decorative fastenings or new 1912’s walking suit

May : Specific time of Day or Year

~ Night gown?

June : Rebellion & Counter Culture

~ complete bicycling outfit

July : Sleeves

~ undecided

August : Extant Originals

~ undecided

September : Hands & Feet

~ gloves

~ house slippers

~ gaiters

October : Fabric Manipulation


maybe this dress from dreamstress blog (although, there are crazy sleeves for that challenge or the extant original challenge…)

the dreamstress blog

November : Purses or bags


~ make a new purse based on an extant Victorian bag that I inherited from my grandma

December : Neglected Challenge

~ Wild Challenge 2017 : muff and collar or a new winter coat with faux fur trim


Ok, ok, I know.  This is a VERY ambitious list.  But, I have to start somewhere.  I have put it down in black and white and put it out to you, my friends.  Keep me honest, I beg of you.

Also, If you want to know more specifics about these challenges (and I know you have inquiring minds!) please click on the link on the right of my blog page.  Please feel free to join the challenges too, if you want to.  I would love to see what you make throughout the year.

Or just keep me honest on my challenges…

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Throw back Thursday – A ‘historical’ blast from the past

Me with friend Missy. 

I believe this was in 1994 because my daughter Josephine is hiding under my long skirt.

Missy and I are dressed to be part of our friends’, Colleen and Brad, Wedding.

I remade my gown into my quilted Christmas tree skirt.  I get to see it once a year and think of my friends and my daughter (as I quilted it while pregnant with her – and she passed away, while an infant.  In fact… she would have been 22 today!  Happy Birthday my little angel-girl!)

Ms. Colleen posted this picture on her facebook page.  How fortuitous! I guess my interest in historical clothing goes back longer than I thought.  And, as I am thinking about it… Momma made me a dress for snowball back in high school that would be a nod to past fashion.  I will have to locate that photo as well.


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My Cape Caper – (about one year ago – this was actually supposed to be my first post!)’s definition of caper would have you imagining that I am wearing this cape and jumping around like a crazy person.  Not so much.  I guess that this post is more of the adventure that I had in the making of this cape.  But it is kinda fun to say Cape Caper, come on admit it.

This particular adventure started when I decided that I would start walking home from work. It is about a 4 mile walk home, which isn’t bad.  I have a lovely designer (GoGo Gear) motorcycle jacket that Partner had gotten for me a couple of Christmases ago.  This jacket has LOTS of retro-reflective parts on it. This is important because of the low light and dark conditions that I would be walking home in.  The problem with this awesome moto-jacket is that by the time that I get home, I am a sweat-ball.  I feel gross and disgusting and the jacket sticks to me.  So, I started thinking about a good way to prevent all that sweatiness and came up with the idea of a cape.

I have a love of historical fashion esthetic.  I would need a pattern and some fabric. Enter…  Continue reading “My Cape Caper – (about one year ago – this was actually supposed to be my first post!)”