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On this 7th Day of Christmas – Sunday

Not all days of Christmas are glamorous.  Some days have mundane tasks.  This morning started with one of those, pick up of the dog yard.  We woke up to a frozen world.  A very good time for poo pickup.  Not my favorite task, but now done!

After a thorough washing of hands, we headed out to breakfast.  Acme was our choice this morning.  The plan was to pick up a pound of their ground coffee.  Sadly, no ground coffee.  We made a plan B for the ground coffee.  The special for today was the Prime rib hash.  I wanted to try their sourdough pancakes.  Being that I don’t like any maple syrup other than 100%, I asked for their mixed berry jam.  yummmmmm.  Partner had the Chicken fried benedict.  He seemed pleased.

Once fortified, we headed to Partner’s parent’s house to check on them and their new puppy. At their house, all is well.  The puppy, named Abbey, is settling in.  She is shedding her shyness and learning to come when her name is called.

On our way home we made a stop at Black Rock.  We got our travel lattes and asked for a pound of ground coffee… again we were unlucky.  Then onto Home Depot for another washing machine drain tube.

The last one had rubbed on something underneath and worn a hole in it (I think I already mentioned this).  I was eager for this, due to only having finished one load of laundry and none of it was clothing. After returning home, it wasn’t long before Partner finished his repair and my laundry got back underway.

I worked on painting the office for most of the rest of the day,

This is wear I ran out of the blue paint.  I have another can, I just didn’t want to open it yet.


in this picture you can see the Mushroom Risotto color (darkest), the color that I had painted last time (before running out)(medium), and the original color (lightest)


interspersed with breaks for a little ironing.

I made a sad discovery.  I seem to only have 3 of the 12 dish towels that I embroidered several years ago.  It makes me wonder where the other 9 have gotten too?

Am I the only one that finds things that have gone completely missing?  Hope your 7th day of Christmas was a good one!


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On this 6th Day of Christmas – Saturday

It is also a Saturday.  When I got up, without an alarm, I set some bread.  I have been making our bread for a couple of years now, but always have mixed success with the recipes that I use.  Last time I made bread I gave my most often used recipe a little tweak.  It easily turned out a beautifully shaped loaf of bread that also tasted wonderful.  I would have taken a picture of it for you, but we cut into it and began eating it before I could snap a shot.

Fast forward to this morning.  As I have already said, I set some bread to raise.

Guess what?  Another beautiful loaf of bread!  This time I got a pic.

beautiful bread

I only wish there was smell-o-vision.  The whole house was full of the most wonderful aroma of baking bread. This is the recipe that I have been using to much success:

2.5 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

2 cups sourdough starter

.5 cups of warm water

1 tsp yeast

Butter a bread pan. Put warm water in large measuring cup.  Add yeast, stir.  Add room temperature sourdough starter, mix well, set aside. Put flour and salt in a non-reactive bowl.  Mix dry ingredients, I use a wire whisk.  Add wet mixture to the flour and stir with a wooden spoon until mixed as well as you can, then get your hands on the dough.  Turn it out of the bowl and knead until all the flour is mixed in.  Form the dough into a ‘log’, the same length of your bread pan.  Take a knife and make 3 diagonal slashes across the top of your ‘log’ of dough.  This makes it easier for the bread to rise.  Put the dough into your bread pan and cover with a clean wet towel.  Let rise until it is well domed.  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cook for 30-35 minuets. Turn out of bread pan when done.  When fully cool, put into zip top bag to soften.  If you bag it too soon, it will sweat inside the plastic and be yucky.  Enjoy!

Partner went off to work out this morning and I headed into my sewing room to get the painting done and the room put back in a useful order.  When  Partner was done with his workout, he called me and asked if he could bring me a doughnut.  (Yummmm)  “Yes Please!” I got to choose between “regular or buckwheat”.  If you have not had a buckwheat doughnut from The Kitchen in downtown Salem Oregon, you are definitely missing out.  I know there is also no such thing as taste-o-vision, but here is a look at my very yummy doughnut

Those are my bites, he got one of his own.  They are almost too yummy to share.

Coffee and sugar fueled my painting and organizing spree today.

As with most projects, I was thoroughly tired of doing it long before it was done.  I would much rather be working on projects, but I needed to stay on track.  1/2 finished projects (especially relating to organization)  make me grouchy.

The painting of the walls is entirely done.  The light blue color is nice, I like it.  I really-really like it because we bought it off the scratch’n’dent for $10 for the whole gallon.  Someone else had it mixed up and then didn’t want it.  All the better for me!  😀  I also started a list of other things that will also need to get done, in the future, sometime that isn’t right now.  These include painting the trim, the ceilings, patching the holes, etc.  Those are for later… much later.


I also took much of my scrapbook stuff out of the closet.  My plan had been to work on it there but it just got buried.  I now have a sewing station AND a scrap booking station in my sewing/craft room.  This made me sooooo very happy!  And, I feel sooooo very organized.

During this whole process I came across some things that needed to be ironed but had gotten misplace in the chaos that was my sewing room.  I took a break and ironed them.  I like ironing… a form of instant gratification.  One dishtowel and 5 hankies later…


I was also able to find  the bags that I had purchased much earlier in the year.  This next Wednesday is our knitting gift exchange and my plan was to use these bags.  I am very glad that I finally found them.

Isn’t is amazing what you can find when you clean and organize your craft room?  😀

Oh, I forgot to mention something sad.  The washer started acting up and making water all over the floor.  I was only able to get one load washed before it started misbehaving.  At least it was the bedding and I could make the bed afresh! Partner did, eventually find what was going wrong.  With the vibrations, the (brand new) out put hose had rubbed a hole in it.  We had to go to the Home Depot to get another one.  Sadly we figured it out at 9:05pm and they closed at 9:00pm.  Tomorrow.

This meant some well earned down time.  I headed to the sofa.  I am still partly through my Christmas gift for my cousin Amy, so I got back to work on that.  I looked up and noticed that Wally (also known as duder-bug) was ‘helping’


I do hope that your 6th day of Christmas was full of small joys and successes and times of rest and comfort.

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On my 2nd day of Christmas – Tuesday

I went back to work.

I mailed two Christmas cards, received one and a package.

I assisted partner in picking up more sheet rock.

I started reading “Solaced: 101 Uplifting narratives about corsets, well-being, and hope” by Lucy Williams, on my Kindle. Continue reading “On my 2nd day of Christmas – Tuesday”