~ DIL: Daughter-in-law


~ FIL: Father-in-law

~ Friend Barb: I met Barb when she asked me to come and work for her.  It was perfect timing for me.  She was offering a full time position in her department as my 2nd marriage was disintegrating. I was glad to have full insurance coverage and a full paycheck.  We quickly became friends.  We both worked on embroidering a memorial quilt for another friend of mine’s father, and hand quilting a quilt for one of her grand babies.  Barb taught me to knit, thus opening a whole new world of creating for me. (I would dream about knitting).  Barb has retired from our shared work place.  She is much-too-busy to be a working girl anyways.  She has her momma and her grand babies to keep her busy. She joined the knitting group and has made fast friends with the other ladies too.

~ Friend DeAnna: I met DeAnna when she was 11 and I was 16.  She was a new initiate into our Jobs Daughters chapter 43, I was the Honored Queen.  A couple (cough, cough) of years later and we are still friends.  In fact… her first boyfriend (unbeknownst to me) became my second husband and she was in our wedding.  lol.  DeAnna has 5 children.  Each of them have names that have the first letters of “J” and “D”.  They are affectionately known as:  “J1, J2, J3, J4 and J5”

~Friend Daisy: I met Daisy through DeAnna.  DeAnna was a Creative Memories consultant (as was I) and Daisy was her friend and customer.  Our friendship has blossomed (get it?  Daisy, blossomed, oh never mind), since I have joined the knitting group.

~ Friend Nancy:  I have known Nancy since 1988.  I was 20 years old and had just returned from Richmond, VA where I had been working as a nanny.  My appendix had ruptured and I had to come home to recuperate.  Nancy was my boss at my first job after getting better.  I was a temporary worker, at the time, and Nancy chose NOT to hire me for the permanent position. LOL!  Long ago we have become good friends (our birthdays are only one day apart, after all) and it turns out… Nancy knows some of my other friends independent of me!  Nancy and DeAnna are friends through Masonic organizations.  As usual, it is a small world.


~ J1-J5:  see Friend DeAnna


~ MIL: Mother-in-law

~ Molly:  the softest, dumbest, most friendly yellow Labrador retriever that you will ever meet.


~ Pixie: my long-haired Chihuahua/princess cross


Transfer-Eze:  “The easiest, fastest way to transfer designs for embroidery, applique, machine and hand quilting, punch needle and more…”  I highly recommend this product!


~ Walther: Partner’s long-haired Chihuahua/min-pin cross

~ Wilma:  Partner’s mom.  Essentially my Mother-in-law