My Chickens

We don’t have a coop or a hen house or any thing like that… at the moment.  But I like the idea of chickens.  My son and his family have chickens.  They provide us with eggs of many colors.  We have been in this new (to us) house for just over a year.  We have talked about getting our own chickens, at some point, in the future.  For now I have the lovely chickens that my Auntie Elaine makes for me.  I usually think of them as my lovely ladies, but I do have a cockerel as well.  Let me introduce them to you…

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Hers · His

House Guest

This is the first week of a two week stay of our house guest.  Some times house guests come to visit Me or Partner, sometimes they come to visit the resident canine Americans that allow us to reside with them.

These are two of our canine Americans (I forgot to get a picture of Molly).  Our house guest is here to visit with them.