We are a partnership between two individuals that have many varied interests and hobbies. Some of them are shared and some of them we do separately and share the results.

We met and partnered up in 2005.  (I usually tell people that I ordered him online through Match.com)  We have helped in the raising of 3 teenagers, 2 successfully.  We have led the pack for a total of 8 dogs and a pride of 4 cats so far (no, not all at the same time).  We currently have a pack of 3 dogs: Molly (yellow lab), Walther (long haired Chihuahua/minpin cross), and Pixie (long haired Chihuahua/Princess cross).

Until recently, He was a work from home person and the dogs had him for company most of the day, every day.  Now, we both are away from the home at our jobs all day Monday through Friday.  The dogs let us know just how glad they are that we FINALLY are home for them. Oh and by-the-way, did we happen to bring any treats home for them?

In 2013 we became grandparents to a wonderful grandson.  In 2015 we became grandparents again to another wonderful grandson.  They are a source of laughter and wonder and have been known to wear us out, on occasion.

Mostly we enjoy living our lives and want to share them with all of you.