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12th Day of Christmas – Friday

The last day of Twelvetide or Christmastide.

I actually had a moment of panic, that I was off a day.  (I was panicking until I thought I would have one more day to complete the two incomplete projects in my work basket). No worries though, I am in sync with the days that I am supposed to be in sync with.  Today was really the 12th Day of Christmas. I am just going to have to come to terms with the fact that I will not complete everything by the end of tonight.

The sweater jewelry is the counting chain that Daisy gave me at the knitting gift exchange.  I am using it to count my decrease repeats.

I was able to finish about 1/2 of one sleeve on Son’s Christmas sweater.  I am knitting it ‘in the round’.  It is something that I haven’t done before, I usually just seam it up afterwards.  It seems (see what I did there?) to be working out well.  The other ladies at knit club usually do it this way.  I guess I want to be one of the ‘cool kids’, finally.


Cousin Amy’s gift is still a secret…

Have a good weekend!


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11th Day of Christmas – Thursday

Sure… it is cold, although warmer than yesterday because it was starting to rain as I walked into work.  I feel a little bad even mentioning it because of the storm that is hitting the East coast.  My heart and warmest thoughts and feeling go out to all of our brethren on our opposite shores.

Today started with breakfast at Sybil’s.  Only Ma, Pa and Partner this morning.  Kathy and Don must still be fighting pneumonia.  A checking up on them is warranted.

The reality of time constraints is starting to catch up to me.  Tomorrow is 12th night and I have just barely started one of the sleeves last night at knitting group.  I can’t imagine that the sweater will be completely finished by the end of tomorrow night.  Especially since I still need to finish working on Cousin Amy’s gift.

Can’t wait to show you!


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10th Day of Christmas – Wednesday

Another COLD day!  Brrr!

Work kept me hopping today!  Usually I would post a work basket update.  If I haven’t posted it during this 12 days of Christmas, then it is still secret and it will have to wait until next week.  😉

Tonight was the gift exchange for the knitting group. It was also supposed to be the night that Peter joined us for knitting for the first time (the guy that I met at the restaurant last Thursday).  Peter didn’t show up (I had brought a gift for him, just in case.  The gift exchange took place though!

Daisy was the first one of the group there, as usual.  She had made stitch markers, stitch/row/repeat counters, and Portuguese knitting hooks for each of us.  They were individualized to each person.  They are amazing and beautiful.  I began using mine right away!

Wilma had crocheted each of us several pot scrubbers!  I love them!  I had actually been thinking of them the day before and had  remembered that she had been making them earlier in the year.  I had hoped that she was giving us some for Christmas.  I lucked out!  Many of the ladies mentioned that the fiber was hard to work with.  We ALL were very glad to get them!

Barb had made everyone something different based on each lady’s preferred color preference.  Each gift was very lovely and perfect for each lady.  Mine was a beautiful and soft Alpaca neck warmer with a shiny shawl pin.  It is red (my favorite color, I do have many though), and soft and amazing!

DeAnna is our baking queen.  This year she completely out did herself.  We received: a loaf of banana bread, Reese’s peanut butter chip cookies,  snicker doodles, soft molasses cookies, Butterfinger bits cookies, and Oatmeal scotchies cookies.  On the way home from knitting group I was hungry so I opened one of the bags of cookies (each type was separated into their own bag).  The bag that I opened was snickerdoodles, not my favorite kind.  I ate one anyways.  THEY WERE AMAZING!  They also didn’t make it home.  All gone.  YUM.

Nancy always finds the coolest things in her shopping adventures.  Whether shopping at garage sales, estate sales, vintage stores or whatnot.  This holiday was no exception.  She made each of us a soft tree ornament based on the same pattern as the cathedral window quilt pattern.  They are beautiful and will make a wonderful addition to my tree.  She also found the sweetest antique/vintage blown glass ornaments.  Mine was an old fashioned Santa.

I made a knit/crochet stitch marker and put it on a bracelet/stitch marker keeper.  In the past, DeAnna has made us some beautiful and fun “knitting jewelry” (stitch markers) that would make lovely charms.

bracelet AND stitch marker holder

After knitting, I swung by Sister’s house to drop of our gifts to her and the Nieces families.  Picked up gifts from North Carolina Brother for us and for Son’s family.  Christmas, this year, is quickly coming to a close.